Franklin Bee Club Monthly Meeting Oct 2011

Hi Everyone, Today we travelled south to meet with our friends at the Franklin Bee Club for the monthly meeting.  The weather was stunning, no rain and no wind… fabulous ­čÖé There was a great turn out, with car park full and overflow parking area. Just having a bit of a catch-up and chat before[…]Read More

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Varroa Count from Goldie

We checked the bottom board and we discovered seven Varroa mites in Goldie, which is a very low count for this time of year but we must keep an eye on these little mites. We also need to work out a way to control their numbers without using chemicals, not keen to use any chemicals[…]Read More

Posted on – Beekeepers concerned about varroa resistance

This is another reason, why we as Beekeepers need to find alternatives to using chemical treatments in our hives. Beekeepers are concerned about reports of varroa mite showing resistance to chemical treatments in some hives around Auckland and the Waikato. Varroa is the biggest killer of bees world-wide. The Beekeepers Association says the anecdotal evidence[…]Read More

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Screened bottom board, We made our first one

I finished our new Screened bottom board today, I added a Varroa Mite inspection mat that is just a piece of plastic. Part of the same sheet of plastic that is also the roof of our NUC box. The mat can be speared with a thin layer of Vaseline and then the mites get stuck[…]Read More

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