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The Kiwimana Buzz Beekeeping Podcast #6 – NBA Workshop – Political – Ministry for Primary Industries

Ministry for Primary Industries

Paul Bolger
Paul Bolger – Senior Policy Analyst spoke about funding avenues and government industry agreements with proposals for industry surveillance. In terms of the industry funding, Paul explained that government more likely to support those industries who match funding $ for $.

Funding avenues – $8 mill allocated – projects must be sustainable;
– Ministry for Farming fund – research projects around $25,000 – funding round is in August
– A medium program fund around $200,000

If I understood Paul correctly, there is a Primary Growth Partnership fund of $70 mill – one project currently being explored is a Manuka plantation.

I found the most interesting comments from Paul include when he said “…government does not have a position on Bees…” and that he “…hasn't the slightest idea if this affects Beekeepers…”

Paul went on to explain that the 1906 Apiary Act – under the National Pest Management Strategy which is the act under which the NBA were set-up, is currently under review (and has been for over 5 years from what I understood Paul was saying) along with the Biosecurity Act and being considered under the Law Reform Bill 2012.

Have a listen to the speech yourself:-

The Sixth podcast from the team at Kiwimana HQ. This is a speech from Paul Bolgar about the government's position on Beekeeping in New Zealand.

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