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Varroa Count from Goldie

We checked the bottom board and we discovered seven Varroa mites in Goldie, which is a very low count for this time of year but we must keep an eye on these little mites.

owh yuck what are they?

We also need to work out a way to control their numbers without using chemicals, not keen to use any chemicals if we can help it.

The other organisms we have photographed need identifying so we would appreciate any help with this.

What do you do to control Varroa?


Margaret Groot

Margaret is an avid 'Bee Enthusiast' who manages the Apiary, the Bees and their hives, she also provides Beekeeping Services and training for Beeginner Beekeepers.Phew...if that's not enough... she also works in the workshop assembling Beehive products for customers and the Apiary. (and delivers orders as well : )She loves to BLOG and chat about Bees, nature and Beekeeping.
She loves New Zealand native flora and fauna, her fav is the Kowhai...with Manuka honey close second ; )
Some of you may know that Margaret is a qualified Life Coach, she trained through the Coaching Academy in London and holds DipPC.Adv.

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3 thoughts on “Varroa Count from Goldie

  1. You’re honey is SUPER delicious! I put two tablespoons of it in Jess’s birthday banana cake and it tastes soooo good đŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the feedback Kristen, we are glad you like the honey. We will pass on our thanks to the girls. Thanks for Honey container you guys gave us.

  3. Hello there,

    The creature you see mixed in with your mites is actually a Pseudo-Scorpion. There is research going on all over the world right now to test the ability of these arachnids to help bees deal with Varroa Mites. The scorpions are predators that bees dont tend to mind very much and some colonies in S. Africa are even known to piggyback their own colonies scorpions when they swarm đŸ™‚ It is a very good sign indeed that you have these little guys in your hive, predators only hang around places where there’s stuff to eat.

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