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Visiting Peter and Ceracell

Today got up early and drove to Ceracell to pick up some much needed supplies, we needed some frames to put into our boxes we have made. We also needed to visit Peter in Rangiriri to pick up the NUC box he had made up for us.

Arrived at Ceracell at 09:00 but the gate was shut. I later discovered that it doesn't open until 10:00, so I shot off to find a coffee.

At 10:00 the doors opened and the waiting bee-keepers poured in like the first bees in the morning pouring out of a hive.

The shop area has been moved to the front off the building, the shop is much bigger than it was before. We loaded up the van, and it was off to Rangiriri to pick up the NUC.

Peter had a great location for his bees. It’s in the middle of farmland and the weather was great so the bees were all out. Peter is the hive manager for the Franklin Bee Club and in the past has been a commercial bee keeper.

Peter gave me tour of his property which included:-

Peters large wax extractor made from an old drink fridge, which was a great idea. The size of the extractor allows you to put in entire frames and also queen excluder's. Which is something that our smaller one doesn't have the room for, we must build a bigger one of these days.Peters Wax Extractor

A solar wax extractor is a insulated box with a glass front which faces the sun, the ideas is that the sun raises the temperature of the box and melts the wax. You put the box on an angle and have a container to catch the melted wax. You can make a simple wax extractor by following these instructions from Linda's great blog:-

The wax can then be used to makes candles or sold back to bee keeping suppliers to make more foundation.

Peter showed us his hive splitting operation as well, he used a novel approach by placing a box on the top of the hive so the returning queen can locate the correct hive box.

Peter also showed us his wax dipper which is used to disinfect hive boxes from AFB (American foul brood) and also to protect boxes by dipping them in paraffin wax.

We also got to finally met “Amelia” Peters donkey.

Thanks Peter for showing us your home and sharing your great cupcakes :).

If you are looking for a NUC get in touch with Peter on For a limited time you may even get a free cupcake with each NUC :).

Here are all the photos from the day:-


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