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Went along to the Auckland bee club

Wow what a great day in Auckland today and wow what a great turn out of new and existing members at the bee club.

I gave a presentation about how to merge two hives together using the newspaper method. Have a look at this blog post for more details about this Mokoroa 1 Merge Thanks to Rocky for taking some photos of me doing the presentation.

Someone had left some comb out in the shed, so they was tons of bees behind the speakers today. Had a couple land on my head, while I was waiting to talk đŸ™‚

Oliva discussed storing frames over winter in hive boxes over a mesh sheet, she suggested to only store around seven frames per box to give the boxes more ventilation. This help prevent the wax moths taking hold. Storing the frames in this way allows air to flow between the frames.

Kim discussed the different types of diseases that we face today, in our hives:-

It was a great day and got to meet loads of new people and catch up with existing members.

It was great to meet “Joyce” one of the readers of our blog. Thanks for reading Joyce.

Here are some photos of the day:-


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2 thoughts on “Went along to the Auckland bee club

  1. I went along, good weather, good cuppa and valuable exchange of opinions…..Rocky

    1. Yep thanks for feedback, a good day indeed. Thanks again for the photos đŸ™‚

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