What is Google Authorship?

You might have seen these little photos on Google results, this is called Google Authorship. Which is something that kiwimana uses and encourages all bloggers to do.

Which one of these results is more appealing to you?

Google Results
This is another tip to get your articles ranked higher in Google, the higher ranking your article generally means your article is read more. How many articles on the tenth page of google results do you read?

Google+ LogoYou need to do these steps to get Google to use your images in the search results:-

    Here are the steps:-

  1. Create a Google+ Profile, by joining Google + HERE
  2. Once you have an account setup, you'll need to edit your profile to add a link in the Contributor to section that points to our blog kiwimana.co.nz
  3. Remember to upload a high quality headshot and fill out some profile information such as hometown, etc.
  4. Go to http://plus.google.com/authorship, sign up with your email and click on the verification link we send you.
  5. Add your Google plus profile url on your profile on your kiwimana.co.nz profile.

Want to learn even more about Google Authorship, visit this great article by Social Media Examiner. Which is located HERE.

To check you have everything right visit this TEST PAGE.

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